Talent & Potential Analytics

Dashboard View of Your Organization’s Skill “DNA” At a Glance

Just as DNA is specific to a given individual, a Talent Audit can pinpoint the “job skill DNA” of a given employee. The Talent Audit provides access to skill comparisons and overall success potentials with the predictive accuracy similar to the way a DNA strand identifies genetic makeup of each individual. In this manner organizations are able to inventory a complete list of strengths and development needs for all key employees across every important position, with every team, or across the whole organization. And, once you implement the initial talent audit service, Chally will work with you to update the Talent Audit data on an ongoing basis, with information on new hires, promotions, new profiles, derailers, and any other employee changes and needs of your organization.

Talent Audit

Since no one person can be successful in every role, Chally’s Talent Audit compares multiple individuals across multiple roles, to identify where their skills best match the company’s needs

  • Identifying an organization’s bench strength can allow an accurate redeployment of individuals if circumstances warrant
  • The Talent Audit shows where to focus training dollars by identifying those areas where the team needs development in order to be more successful, while also showing those areas where training would not be effective

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Performance Trac

How do you best drive strategy execution with the talent that you currently have? Today, as companies are re-establishing strategy, senior leaders are asking themselves, “Do we have the right talent to execute the new direction?” With limited budget, leaders want to know who to develop, when they have gaps and where focuses developed will deliver maximum ROI.

Performance Trac is focused on diagnosing an organization’s talent POTENTIAL and then measuring their current state of PERFORMANCE to determine if it aligns with the specific talent needs. Once the needs/gaps are identified via Performance Trac, you can prescribe sales and leadership training/coaching/development to aid your organization in achieving your strategy and goals with the associates that have the highest probability of improvement.

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Key Actions from the Data Include:

  • Diagnosing Bench Strength: Potential versus Observed Performance
  • Provide critical decision making criteria to help leaders understand their talent pools
  • Compare individuals/teams against multiple roles for deployment/succession planning decisions
  • Identify key trends strengths, gaps, and needs for targeted developmental opportunities
  • Compare the difference between potential (assessment) and observed performance