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Accurately Define and Validate Competencies

Needed to Meet Your Position Objectives

Making effective decisions about selecting talent is nearly impossible when relying on methods that are subjective, inconsistent, not tailored to specific job skills, or because the results are not meaningful enough to support objective and accurate decision making.

However, an assessment that creates truly predictive data is a priceless decision-making tool. That difference is exactly what makes Chally’s assessment a key differentiator for every organization. This unique, web-based assessment system for talent selection is truly the “next generation” of applying strategy to employee selection. Our competency modeling process, which involves a job analysis, validation, and competency mapping, pinpoints the exact skills needed for a specific position to ensure the best candidate is selected.

Eliminate Hiring and Investing in Poor Performers

The key to increasing productivity is not based on trying to find more superstars… but instead to eliminate hiring and investing in poor performers. Most businesses can identify with the simple operating 20/80 rule – 20% of sales people bring in 80% of sales dollars. Chally’s Error Elimination concept can increase productivity by 20%-30% by screening out poor performers and helping replace them with “average” performers (assuming that it may be unrealistic to find a high percentage of “superstars”). Chally has case examples demonstrating a typical ROI for the Chally Predictive Assessment system, as measured by customer-sponsored empirical studies, as being well above industry norms.

  • Chally’s talent management tools reduce turnover on average by 30%. For management, sales, and professional services, this amounts to a $100 million savings for every 100 employees.
  • In addition, where measurable, Chally has been demonstrated to increase productivity per individual employee in the range of 30% to 35%.
  • For executive planning, Chally has been demonstrated to accomplish 85% accuracy in correctly identifying high potentials for specialized development and training.

As an added benefite, once your Competency Modeling is completed, it’s easy to add your profiles/competencies to our talent audit tool for an ongoing view of your workforce DNA at your fingertips.


Predictive Assessments – to measure specific competencies against those needed for the position
Competency Modeling – Job Analysis/Validation/Competency Mapping – defining what the job entails, validating the assessments results and objective performance data, and mapping the exact competencies for each sales position