Sales Force Expertise

Chally’s sales research results and experience allows us to work with a broad spectrum of levels in organizations. Our results are backed by over 37 years of research, an actuarial database unparalleled in the talent management industry, and more than 60 profiles for common sales, management, and leadership positions that encompass statistically-validated, behavioral-based competencies.

Sales Force Expertise

Developing a sales team during a thriving economy is a challenge. When you add the dynamics of the current economic challenges, it is imperative to be strategic and focused on the transformation of your sales force to meet the mission critical goals of your business.

According to Chally’s 2007 World Class Sales Research, your salesperson is now the single largest factor (39%) in a customer’s purchasing decision. No other factor – product, quality or pricing – equals the impact of a salesperson.

How does your sales organization truly transform into Sales 3.0 to become a strategic weapon?

Sales 1.0 was about the salesperson. Through prolific training, sales forces developed an increased ability to win and retain customers.

Sales 2.0 was about technology. With new tools to enable the sales force, sellers became more productive, reporting became more sophisticated, and new paths to reach prospects were introduced.

Enter Sales 3.0 - The integration of Sales 1.0 and Sales 2.0 into Total Sales Performance and the critical role of the Sales Manager in transforming your sales organization.

Specialize Your Sales Force to Meet Company Strategic Objectives

Companies emphasizing growth and specific business initiatives often find it appropriate to segment sales activities beyond recognizing the four broad segments of customers needs: Consultative, Relationship, Closing, and Display. Extensive Chally research of more specialized sales forces has identified 14 specific sets of sales and service skills that are required to succeed in specialized sales roles. The sales specialist “map” below demonstrates a decision tree that allows a sales executive to identify the one unique profile best suited to accomplish a specialized sales intiative.


Chally’s Sales solutions such as the Talent Audit and Assessments, will assist you in transforming your sales force with predictive tools to select, align and develop your sales team.

  • Hire better performers
  • Select better management
  • Align existing people to the roles in which they will succeed
  • Improve individual development
  • Create a solid succession plan
  • Transform your team by performing a talent audit to understand which competencies need development

Sales Solutions

Job Analysis/Validation/Competency Mapping – defining what the job entails, validating the assessments results and objective performance data, and mapping the exact competencies for each sales position

Predictive Assessments – to measure competencies against those needed for the specific position


Talent Audit – aggregate view of team’s scoring by competency and by position profile


Performance Trac - measuring sales representative’s potential (assessment) and observed work performance (multi-rater survey) to define gaps for development planning

Sales Executive Briefings

World Class Sales Research


Client Successes

"Chally has been an agile and responsive partner for us throughout our Sales transformation process. Chally expertly helped our organization define and align customer-centric job competencies with our selection, coaching and employee development processes. A great value for our investment."

Chris Sena - Vice President of HR, Cardinal Health - Nuclear Pharmacy Services