Professional Services Expertise

Chally gives you an entire career’s worth of results on each individual using a single assessment that is both highly accurate and EEOC compliant. Combined with the unparalleled Chally Talent Audit, a company has the ability to hire the right talent, put incumbents in their best roles, and identify the highest-payoff training areas for increased productivity and leadership development.

In addition to these Organizational Potential and Performance Measurement tools, we offer other services to help gauge business performance.

Human Resource Decision Making

  • Access and evaluate all incumbents in any group to understand what areas are most appropriate for training across the entire group or the entire organization
  • Create a corporate-wide talent audit of strengths and weaknesses to prioritize effective development initiatives, succession planning and high-potential identification

Executive Decision Making Tools

The Talent Audit can help:

  • Apply accurate, predictive, “job skill DNA” insights to the consideration of strategic initiatives that have top and bottom-line impact, such as increasing market share, penetrating new markets, increasing productivity, launching new products, reorganizations, and mergers.
  • Strategically align human capital strengths to achieve organizational needs and objectives.
  • Increase the ability to make more objective decisions, with the confidence of knowing those decisions are based on predictive criteria.

General Solutions

Assessments for all levels of business


Performance Trac/Talent Audit – gives an aggregate view of your organization’s skill strengths, developmental opportunities and potential.


Customer Audit - identifies and measures the key factors that influence customers’ purchasing decisions.


Exit Interviews – captures critical causes of employee turnover from former employees to assist businesses in creating employee retention strategies.