Customer/Past Employee Feedback Surveys

Feedback that is key to organizational improvement

Feedback from your customers and exiting employees is an opportunity to obtain information about what your organization is doing well and what improvements need to be made. These surveys are key to improvement strategies since rarely will you receive such candid feedback.

Customer Audit

A powerful management tool that can accurately identify and measure the key factors that influence customers’ purchase decisions. The Customer Audit can produce:

  • Accurate segmentation of markets
  • Key benefits each market requires
  • Measures of product/service value
  • Comparisons against competitors
  • Measures of salesperson’s performance
  • Precise customer satisfaction scores

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews can capture critical causes of employee turnover from former employees. That information can be utilized in the creation of employee retention solutions. The Exit Interviews will give you feedback on reasons for leaving associated with:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Development
  • Work environment
  • Management behaviors