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When it comes to measuring an assessment system’s accuracy and return on investment, there is a huge difference between claims and reality. Chally has the hard data to prove our value. Chally’s team of I/O Psychologists work with our clients on job analysis, validation studies and profile competency mapping to ensure that the assessment data is directed to the correct set of competencies. We provide assessment data for selection, alignment and development of talent.

Candidate Selection

Typical pre-employment candidate selection methods are not much better than flipping a coin. If you were to decide whether or not to hire a candidate merely based on the toss of that coin, over the long run you would be 50% accurate. Although nobody would advocate selecting candidates that way, the reality is that the most widely used selection aids are barely better than that:

Selection Method


Improvement in Accuracy Over Flipping a Coin

Typical Interview  


Personality Tests  


Experience   5%
Scorable Interview   7%


Chally’s Assessments have been measured to increase selection accuracy by 25%-30%.

Chally’s selection reports include recommendations for hiring and coaching tips on developmental opportunity areas. Chally also provides Interview Guides with cone questions that are mapped to each profile competency.

Employee Development/Alignment Tools

Helping employees reach their highest potential
Our assessments can also assist in alignment and development efforts. We provide various reports that will deliver the data to illustrate areas where realignment or training is needed:

  • Chally Best Match Reports compare a single individual against multiple management or sales roles, to see which positions hold the greatest potential for success
  • Chally Developmental Reports assess a candidate for the skills required for a single, specific position, to identify strengths as well as areas of skill deficiency that could be potential career derailers
  • All competency scoring from the assessments can be automatically pulled into Chally’s talent audit which matches scores by competency so you can pinpoint exactly where you need to focus your development

Our reports also include an in-depth description of the competencies, motivational characteristics and coaching tips. Coaching Guides are also available to assist in developing employees.

Here are two documented examples of our assessment accuracy, based on our sales position profiles. Candidates assessed by Chally were either “Recommended” or “Not Recommended.” The candidates hired were then evaluated for performance effectiveness after one year on the job. As you can see, the “recommended” candidates proved to be highly effective employees, while the “not recommended” candidates did not.

  • Outside Sales Position: New Business Development (Hunter)
  • 94% of candidates “recommended” and hired performed well
  • 67% of candidates “not recommended” and hired performed poorly
  • Inside Sales Position: Inbound Tele-Sales (Farmer)
  • 85% of candidates “recommended” and hired performed well
  • 92% of candidates “not recommended” and hired performed poorly

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