customer specific solutions

The expertise of AMA can also be brought to bear on specific issues of a client,
to come up with a customized solution for the client
Our experience shows that the best path to success is a blank sheet approach to your project, tailor made to your company's needs and the specific changes you are going through. The programmes can be carried out at your head office and then delivered globally at the locations of your choice.

How we work

Our work begins with a situational analysis
situation analysis

Our work begins with a situational analysis. Here, we help you identify the key pain points relating to the achievement of your business objectives, including employee motivation. We develop a recommended action plan combining internal communication with workshops, online sessions, revised performance reviews etc. This action plan and the contents of each activity are validated with key stakeholders in your organization to ensure full support. The mutually agreed action plan is then implemented and results are monitored to ensure progress against the targeted behavioural change.

We also provide

wake-up calls "Wake-up calls"... where our experts warn you if organizational behaviour clashes with the targeted change
financial and non-financial measurement Financial and non-financial measurements... to determine whether customer goals are being met and whether your people are really implementing your chosen strategy with enthusiasm
senior executive assistance Senior Executive Assistance... to think through the implementation of your strategy and, if required, challenge established views in the privacy of a meeting room
AMA knowledge network AMA Knowledge Network... to give you as a corporate client, exclusive online access to news, articles, and book summaries on the latest thinking and best practices from other companies and industries.
Together with you and your company,
we can create a Customer Specific Solution for you
customer specific solution

in function of the specific problem or need that you have

customer specific solution

related to the industry and sector you work in

customer specific solution

that supports the implementation of your strategy

customer specific solution

that can be delivered globally wherever you wish