pharmaceutical industry

A stable and predictable market is a thing of the past.

The pharmaceutical industry is changing rapidly, and today's issues and challenges are increasingly complex and difficult to resolve. A stable and predictable market is a thing of the past.

Key factors such as declining research and development (R&D) productivity, rising costs of commercialization, increasing payer and patient influence and shorter exclusivity periods have driven up the average cost per successful launch to $1.7 billion while significantly reducing ROI and growth. And emerging demographic and healthcare trends are suggesting even stronger structural changes are coming.

How will you adapt to the new realities of the pharmaceutical Industry? Let AMA help, with its range of programs dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry:

  • When Clinical Development Turns into Clinical Practice
  • Development and Manufacturing: Strategic Choices Ahead for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Managing Pharmaceutical Research through Interdependent Partnerships
  • Medical Affairs and Medical Education: Key to Success in the New Customer Engagement Strategies in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • The New Business Model in Pharmaceuticals: Turning Challenges into Opportunities
  • Market Access, Pricing and Health Outcomes: The New Reality in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Value-based Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Digital Marketing Strategy in the New Healthcare Environment
  • The 5-day Mini MBA for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Sales and Account Management in Pharmaceuticals: From a General Approach to Targeted Sales and Company-wide Selling
  • Pharmaceutical Product Management: Building your Brand in the New Healthcare Environment


If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact the relevant Imperial Consulting office for further information.