The AMA approach to management development works because it's different


Working with AMA, you will quickly encounter our solid and practical approach to management development. We talk straight, we don't try to re-think your business strategy for you and we acknowledge your market experience and corporate knowledge. We get results for you by:








Challenging you; we don’t lecture you


Connecting you across boundaries; we don’t believe in management silos


Creating better ways for you to implement your strategy; we don’t pump you full of theories and irrelevant case studies

It’s about you: you are the most important part of the solution so we don’t lecture you; we work with you, we leverage experience and we stimulate you with new thought patterns.

It’s in your face: Yes, we confront you, we don’t just leave you in your comfort zone; we don’t avoid the awkward issues; we don’t give up when it gets difficult; we’ll never run away from the real reason you are here… to be able to carry out your work better and with more satisfaction.

It’s mutual: Because when you sign up for an AMA workshop or solution, we are both accepting a challenge. Ours is to enhance your knowledge, capabilities and ways of working, and we take that challenge very seriously. Our AMA facilitators are not Professors or ‘old-school’ trainers, but experienced business practitioners with years of hands-on experience.


Across traditional boundaries: management silos sometimes develop more by accident than design but either way, they don’t facilitate easy communication, don’t promote true customer satisfaction and don’t add to work enjoyment.

With thought leaders: we’ll be connecting you with some of the best thinkers and practitioners from internationally successful companies and business schools.

With our International Alumni Network: join the thousands of AMA Alumni and have access to exclusive on-line resources, management book reviews and industry news.


New ways for you to implement your strategy, rather than pumping you full of academic theories and irrelevant case studies. Our role is not to provide you with complex or over-simplified business formula from textbooks.

Your best practice. One size doesn’t fit all and someone else’s ‘best practices’ are not necessarily going to help you get a competitive advantage. You will leverage input from many areas to come up with your best implementation strategy.

A better alignment of your people and processes to the strategy, leading to improved teamwork and everyone moving in the same direction.